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Economically Extend the Life of Your Machine

Smart machine owners know that refurbishment, if done at the right time by the right people, can provide significant cost savings when compared to buying new. It also keeps you in seat of the machine you know and like for many years to come.

That’s why Pettibone offers the Certified Refurbishment program, which allows you to make your machine “like new” again. This is done by determining what parts to replace, rebuild, or keep to get the most out of the refurbishment.

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Discover the Options

While the ideal machine for a full refurbishment is 7-10 years old or 8,000-10,000 operating hours, other options can also leave your machine in a great condition. We’ve dealt with older, low-hour machines that need some tuning up and also with newer, accidentally damaged machines. Work with us to figure out the best option for you.

Is Refurbishment Right for Your Machine?

In order to achieve total cost of ownership savings, you must know when refurbishment is right. Contact us to find out more about the program and determine if refurbishment makes sense for your machine. Limited factory slots are available, so don’t wait.

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How it works

Break it Down

  • Inspect your machine on site and make a detailed refurbishment plan
  • Trained Pettibone technicians disassemble the machine at our factory and check for discoverable issues

Build it Up

  • Send the machine straight down our factory line and rebuild it like a brand new machine
  • Inspect every inch and test it to the same standards as all new machines, providing a Factory Re-Certification
  • Clean, paint, and decal the machine to look like new

Back to Work

  • Deliver your machine so it can get back to work! Your machine will be backed by a 6 month Bumper to Bumper Warranty to ensure the peace of mind that also comes with a new machine.
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