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The Extendo 1056X telehandler delivers 10,000 pounds max load capacity and up to 56 feet of lift height. It is available with either a Cummins or Deutz Tier 4 Final diesel engine.


X-Command® Telematics

A standard feature for 2 years on X-Series telehandlers, X-Command provides access to the real-time status of your Pettibone machine:

  • Remotely monitor equipment location and data: Engine hours, fuel usage, DEF level, battery voltage and much more.
  • Identify minor mechanical issues before they become serious.
  • Minimize downtime through remote diagnosis.
  • Get reports and notifications via web browser or mobile app.
  • Increase ROI by ensuring maintenance is up-to-date, and by eliminating certain field service calls.
  • Use current, accurate machine info to plan ahead on fleet maintenance.
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The 74-horsepower Cummins QSF3.8 Tier 4 Final diesel engine features a DOC muffler and requires no diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). Side pod mounting offers easy service access while allowing excellent curbside visibility and ground clearance. Also available with a 74-horsepower Deutz or 117-horsepower Cummins engine.

Drivetrain & Axles

Drivetrain and axles have been optimized to provide greater tractive effort with minimal tradeoff on top end speed.

  • Dana 212 Series high steer axles provide excellent tractive effort.
  • Tight steer angle capability provides efficient turning radius.
  • Dana VDT12000 Powershift transmission offers 3 speeds, forward and reverse.
  • Full time 4-wheel-drive with limited-slip front axle differential.

Boom Construction

Newly designed boom with formed boom plates offers greater strength with less weight.

  • Boom deflection minimized for better control and accuracy placing loads.
  • Boom overlap nearly doubled to provide smoother operation and reduce contact forces on wear pads.
  • Fastener-less wear pads simplify service.
  • Bottom-mounted external extend cylinder significantly reduces load on wear pads; cylinder location also provides better service access to internal boom components.
  • Compression tilt design allows for a smaller bore cylinder with same tilt force.
  • Single extension chain eliminates the need to balance dual chains.

Capacity & Reach

The 1056X has a capable 10,000-pound load capacity rating. It achieves forward reach up to 40 feet and a maximum lift height of 56 feet.


The Extendo's hydraulic circuit delivers exceptional controllability, efficiency and cycle speeds.

  • Cylinder cushioning dampens the end of strokes – both extending and retracting – to prevent hard, jarring stops and avoid both wear-and-tear and potential load spills.
  • Single lift cylinder provides operator with clear sight lines.
  • Twin lines for tilt and auxiliary plumbing.

Steel Tanks

Damage-resistant, all-steel fuel and hydraulic tanks. Fuel tank provides ample fuel volume for a full day's work at 100% load.

Operator Station

The operator cab includes ergonomic seat, pedal, joystick and steering wheel positions. Available as an open canopy or enclosed cab, it features an all-steel interior with water-resistant components for easy washdown. - New analog/LCD gauge cluster.

  • Enhanced climate control system.
  • Split door design allows upper half to lock in the open position.
  • Flat, bolt-in glass can easily be removed or replaced.
  • Openable rear window improves air flow while keeping cab dry.
  • Lockable storage area under seat for manual, gloves and tools.


  • Split-system electrical panels allow for easier service of individual circuits.
  • Heavy-duty bright LED lighting
  • Weather-sealed connections
  • USB accessory plug in cab
  • 12-volt accessory plug in engine bay


  • Easy access to all filters and fluid level indicators.
  • Lockable fuel-fill in clean, accessible location.
  • Inside of boom easily accessible for service.
  • Non-tensioned boom hoses offer long service life.



The 1056X can be equipped with a variety of attachments, including pallet, lumber or block forks, truss boom, utility bucket, standard carriage, side tilt carriage (+/- 10°), or side-swing carriage (+/- 60°).

Premium Gauge Cluster

Premium gauge cluster upgrade includes a 7-inch digital display.

Rear-View Camera

Rear-view camera system is included with the digital display, or available as an add-on to standard gauges.


74 HP (55 kW) Deutz Tier 4 diesel engine or 117 HP (87 kW) Cummins QSF3.8 Tier 4 turbo diesel with DEF and SCR aftertreatment

Sling Hook

Sling hook available for additional securing of load

Electrical to Boom Tip

Electrical to boom tip (second hydraulic circuit, lighting, camera)

Pintle Hitch

Bolt-on rear pintle hitch for towing


Four axle mounted fenders


High output LED lighting package (roading lights, turn signals, boom work light, amber beacon, dome)

Enclosed Cab

Enclosed cab with heater, wiper, defroster (A/C available)


Air-filled, foam-filled, solid


Cubing Tines

Cubing Tines

Easily engage loads of block for safe and efficient placement.

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Fork Positioning Carriage

Fork Positioning Carriage

Dual hydraulic positioning forks allow the operator to move forks left or right from inside of the cab.

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Lumber Forks

Lumber Forks

Wide, fully tapered forks designed to precisely engage and handle various types of stacked lumber.

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Pallet Forks

Pallet Forks

General material handling forks available in several lengths and widths to meet your jobsite needs.

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Sling Hook

Sling Hook

Dedicated central lifting point for slinging loads.

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Side Tilt Carriage (+/- 10°)

Side Tilt Carriage

Added degree of adjustment when picking and placing loads at elevation.

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Side-Swing Carriage (+/- 60°)

Swing Carriage

Land loads through tight openings with the ability to swing the carriage 60 degrees left or right.

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Lift loads an additional 10 feet with a quick attach vertical mast tower.

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Truss Boom

Truss Boom

Gain additional lift height and reach to safely place trussing and other suspended loads.

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Utility Bucket


Transport loose material and debris. Bucket can be easily interchanged with other attachments with the use of quick disconnect. Bucket is non-ground engaging.

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