Customer Testimonials

We can tell you plenty about how productive, durable and safe our equipment is, but don't just take our word for it. Hear what customers have to say about their Pettibone machines.

Pettibone is the best piece of equipment ever made – top of the line equipment for a pipe yard.

Calvin Macintosh
Pipe Distributors Inc.
[Houston, TX]

If safely and efficiently handling, unloading and loading pipe is your goal, you just can’t beat a Pettibone Cary-Lift. Our Cary-Lift units are the workhorses in our rough terrain pipe yard, and their unique articulating arms allow us to safely unload and load trucks using less time and labor. We document maintenance records on all of our equipment and know that the strength of our well-constructed Cary-Lifts, in conjunction with a sensible preventive maintenance program, has resulted in very dependable units with a long work life.

Joe Bergfeld
CEO of Pittsburgh Pipe
[St Louis, MO]

Our Cary-Lifts have been nothing but phenomenal machines to run. Speed, agility, maneuverability – all of these features allow us to get pipe around our yard quickly and efficiently.

Brian Danlovich
Dura-Bond Yard Supervisor
[Duquesne, PA]

CECA Supply has been selling Pettibone Equipment into the Sahara desert for nearly 10 years. With temperatures cresting 130 F in the summers, our clients needed equipment built to withstand those dry, hot & sandy conditions. The pipe yards in North Africa demand a lot from the equipment they use, and Pettibone has consistently risen to meet their needs.

Rami Touma
President of CECA Supply & Services Inc.
[Houston, TX]

Pettibone material handling equipment is rugged and innovative, particularly in demanding load handling applications.

John Mutis
VP of Sales at Leavitt Machinery
[Coquitlam, BC]

Pettibone has always made a good quality product. It’s stable. It’s stout. A lot of the larger contractors we work with are looking for products that are going to last – and they like the quality of Pettibone.

Carston Larson
VP of American State Equipment
[Milwaukee, WI]

You can feel the stability! I always felt like I could tip over in the wheel-loader I drove, but the Cary-Lift is rock solid.

Barb Delong
CCTF Yard Supervisor
[Edmonton, AB]

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