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It’s important to keep equipment in top condition in any environment, but this is especially true in rail maintenance applications. Crews often find themselves working a long way from home, and machines need to be reliable to ensure work gets done on schedule.

The Pettibone Speed Swing is the original do-it-all rail crane, and the Speed Swing 445F remains one of the most reliable and productive performers in the industry today. With dozens of available attachments, the Speed Swing can be used to thread rail, set ties, move rail cars and much more.

Speed Swing Application

Several hundred Speed Swing units – new and old – are in operation with rail companies all around the world. But like any good piece of equipment, the Speed Swing’s longevity is dependent upon an effective maintenance program.

Routine Service

Pettibone provides a point-by-point checklist of recommended daily, weekly, monthly and yearly inspections that should be performed for the Speed Swing.

These range from basic oil and fuel level checks, to belt and hose inspections, to cleanings, to changing filters or fluids. The checklist is broken out by engine, transmission, axles and other general machine items, making it easy for customers to follow a maintenance routine based on the recommended service frequency within each category.

OEM Parts

Rail applications are highly demanding on equipment, so Pettibone also publishes a list of recommended spare parts, such as filters and hoses, that customers should keep in stock. With rail maintenance-of-way (MOW) machines, bearings and seals pertaining to hi-rail or track wheels tend are also among the common wear items.

But there is a significant quality difference between recommended OEM Speed Swing parts and generic aftermarket offerings. For example, Pettibone customers report that OEM track wheels can last up to four times longer than generic ones. On top of better longevity and reliability – and lower overall cost of ownership – genuine Speed Swing parts also carry an official Pettibone warranty.

To keep rail customers up and running, Pettibone maintains a 98-percent fill rate with in-stock Speed Swing parts. By monitoring patterns in rail industry parts purchasing and seasonal maintenance programs among customers, Pettibone is able to ensure appropriate inventory levels with correct items in stock.

Speed Swing Service

Dedicated Support

Pettibone in-services all Class 1 rail new Speed Swing deliveries and can also provide the same service to others upon request. By having a certified technician address all operating and service guidelines with the rail company’s maintenance crew on day one, Pettibone strives to give the customer a high comfort level with the equipment.

From there, Pettibone’s dedicated support team takes over, maintaining one-on-one relationships and constantly making themselves directly available for anything from simple troubleshooting to fulfilling Speed Swing parts needs. This service and support team boasts over 50 years of collective experience serving the rail industry.

Factory Refurb

Hundreds of Speed Swings have been sold over the last couple decades, with several units still operating after 20 years or more of use. Pettibone offers a full, factory-authorized refurbishment center to enhance the operating condition of older machines – as well as an accompanying factory warranty to back up the work.